Brad Griffin has spent an awful lot of time in other people's houses.

Having worked as the senior photographer at Toop&Toop Real Estate (SA's most awarded and successful agency) for 6 years, as well as some of the state's prominent architects and builders, there is a very good chance you would be familiar with his work. Whether  it be on the net, in the paper or gracing the front pages of SA Life magazine, Brad's beautiful photos are everywhere.


With his passion for architecture, interiors and all things fancy, Brad is probably one of the luckiest photographers around, given the fact he is entrusted with shooting some of Adelaide's most expensive and exclusive properties. But this is no accident - with his incredible eye for detail and ability to make images look like works of art, it is little wonder he has become one of South Australia's busiest photographers.

Not simply content to work with buildings alone (conversations can be limited and a little one-sided) Brad has also carved out a reputation as an artful photographer of human subjects. Shooting a select number of weddings each year and also producing some stunning portraits  for advertising campaigns, Brad has proven himself as an incredibly versatile photographer.


So whether it's marketing magic or wedding wonder you're

after, Brad has the experience.


Light and life in every image.