The House Where Style Lives

At the start of 2015 I decided to retire from Real Estate photography to make way for other endeavours in the field…It lasted two weeks! How could I refuse this one! The owner is Olivia Macdonald, a friend, artist and the incredible talent behind Her family home in Stirling is a life size display, showcasing her simplistic yet often bold design skills, creating a space that ooze’s style and imagination yet delivers comfort and practicality. This is an amazing home sitting in the perfect surrounds of the Adelaide Hills. More info can be found at Toop & Toop   stirlingblog

The adventures of Abby and James

One Bride, one Groom, two ceremonies. Colourful socks. Deer in the woods. Banana’s covered in wasabi. A mum who irons. Silly boys, beautiful girls. Two dresses, one suit. Comic book button holes. A field of flowers. Did I mention Deer in the woods? Laughter. Fun. Love. Love. Love. Did I mention love? Two families became one. What a wedding!!!

This is just a very small portion of my day with Abby and James…